David Shalansky

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    This is outstanding! I’d love to hear more of this!
  • commented on Board Members 2020-07-12 16:52:02 -0400
    Hi all! I am so very happy to have found this page. As a relatively new resident of Paulus Hook, (we moved to 199 Warren Street in 2014) I am constantly trying to find photographs and learn about this historically rich neighborhood. We love it here! I live with my wife and now 5 year old girl and I often say to my wife that even if the stars aligned and we were able to buy a large home, we would still stay in Paulus Hook. I’d love to learn more and help if I can. If there are more photos of Paulus Hook, please direct me to view them.

    Also, one question: What is happening with the St Peter’s Prep abandoned building on the corner of York and Van Vorst? I’ve noticed the scaffolding has been painted.