Welcome Neighbors and Friends

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Our highest priority continues to be the reinvention of Paulus Hook Park! Fundraising efforts are moving full steam ahead, and we would welcome your talents and any support you can offer to this mission!


January 26th Blizzard Information

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Dear Neighbor!

Here's some information from City Of Jersey City & Mayor Fulop-

1) City Hall will close early today and be closed tomorrow. The Historic Preservation Commission & City Council Caucus meetings scheduled for this evening have been cancelled. Also the BOE has announced that all Public Schools will be CLOSED TOMORROW January 27th.

2) You can use any municipal parking lot to park your personal vehicle and keep it off the street.

3) The streets are pre-treated with liquid brine which helps for the first couple inches.

4) There are more frequent updates on the city accounts if you use Twitter @JC_Gov- And You can always check the City of Jersey City's website for updates as well

5) Garbage and recycling pickup is suspended tonight. The City will revisit tomorrow based on the overall situation.

6) Overall concerns....The JC Resident Response phone # is 201 547 4900. This is the best number to use to express feedback, concerns related to snow - after hours The City will move this number to OEM

7) Alternate side parking is suspended Monday and Tuesday, however, parking enforcement will continue and will focus on violations that impact snow removal. Any vehicle that is double parked, parked illegally on the corner (less than 25 feet from Fire hydrants), parked on an emergency snow route WILL BE TICKETED AND TOWED. Meters will remain in effect. If your car is towed, please contact GRX Towing at 201.333.2334 10 Linden Ave East Jersey City NJ 07305.

8) PATH service will operate normal weekday service until 9pm tonite---after 9pm they will be on a weekend service, operating every 15 minutes throughout the duration of the storm.

And safe and remember we are all in this together!


Good Neighboor of the Year Nominations

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To celebrate benevolence, charitable contributions, and neighborly acts of kindness in Paulus Hook.

Qualifying Factors:

  1. Individuals, business owners/operators, and nonprofit organizations (hereinafter collectively referred to as “neighbors” or “individuals”) shall be considered in recognition for contributions and good deeds that have benefitted the people of Paulus Hook, or improved the quality of life in Paulus Hook.
  2. A qualifying neighbor need not live in or operate a business in Paulus Hook; however, preference shall be given to those who do.
  3. Multiple awards may be conferred in any given year to honor individuals as part of a larger group or effort.
  4. Multiple awards may be conferred in any given year to honor individuals whose contributions are wholly distinct, yet equally commendable.
  5. Qualifying contributions and good deeds shall have occurred, or rendered the respective benefit(s), no earlier than December 1st of the immediately preceding calendar year, and no later than November 30th of the current award year.*
  6. Contributions and good deeds may be deemed as benefitting the community of Paulus Hook even though those acts do not benefit each and every resident of Paulus Hook; however, preference may be given to acts that do benefit the neighborhood of Paulus Hook on a larger scale.

*    This guideline may be overruled in reasonably unique and limited circumstances.

Disqualifying Factors:

1.      Individuals presently serving as an Officer or Director of the HPHA Board shall generally be deemed disqualified.**

**  This guideline may be overruled in reasonably unique and limited circumstances. An example of a reasonable exception to this guideline would be when a board member is being honored as part of a larger group or effort that is wholly distinct from the HPHA.

2.      Neighbors who have previously received this award shall be deemed disqualified.

3.      Individuals who serve in public office shall generally be deemed disqualified in connection with contributions made in the course of or in alignment with one’s respective function and role in public office.