March 2017 General Meeting Minutes

HPHA Membership Meeting

Thursday, March 2, 2017


HPHA Membership Meeting

Thursday, March 2, 2017 

Meeting called to order by Diane Kaese at 7:30 PM in the basement of Saint Peter and Paul Orthodox Church, 109 Grand Street.


  1. HPHA Board Member Attendance




Sean Connelly



Lauren Cottle

Director, Media


Peter D’Agati



Stephanie Daniels

Director, Park


Meagan Free

Director, New Membership (B)


Sharad Hegde



Riza Hunger

Director, Events


Vincent Jacaruso

Director, Police


Diane Kaese

President, Construction/ DOC


Joyce Mathisen

Secretary, New Membership (R)


Andrew Macurdy

Director, Board of Ed


Faith Ross

Director, Correspondence


Andy Siegel

V President, Featured Present, SID


Emmanuel Simon

Director, Technology, Website


Fred Sullivan

Director, Outreach Expat / English 2nd L


Jennifer Wagner



Ann Webster

Director, Infrastructure/Environment




B. Officer Reports

  1. President, Diane Kaese opened the meeting.
  2. February Meeting Minutes were approved.
  3. President Report Diane Kaese:

-DCNA Meeting held with other community groups in Downtown Jersey City. A new parking initiative was launched,

-JC’s new Planning Director started this week. She is a downtown resident with a good resume and academic credentials. Anticipated areas of focus will be a new Master Plan and evaluation of Special Zoning Districts. HPHA will invite her to present at an upcoming members’ meeting; date to be determine

-List of Committees and their 2017 goals was presented



  1. Committee Reports:


1. Construction Committee- Diane Kaese

-99 Hudson (Plaza Construction):

    1. Project moving along well. Residents should anticipate movement of tower cranes (weather-vaning) when winds are high. Slab on grade and concrete work below is complete. Elevator pits done.  Still 3 more years of concrete work. Workers to be reminded that parking is not allowed in the neighborhood.


-Fields Development :

  1. All water main work done.


  1. Development Oversight Committee - Diane Kaese


  1. OLC Project:
    1. There will be another presentation of the OLC Project scheduled. 


  1. Police Committee - Vincent Jacaruso
  1. No one attended this month’s meeting.


  1. Events Committee - Riza Hunger
  1. The All You Can Eat Pancake Breakfast is scheduled for April 23rd.
    1. Budget allocation of $1,500 for the Pancake Breakfast was approved.
  2. Jersey City Great American Clean Up is schedule on April 29th.
  3. Paint and Sip Event March 9 at John’s Pizza at 7 pm. Email Joyce to reserve a spot as event is only for 20 people.


  1. Communications Committee - Lauren Cottle
    1. Send Lauren any news for next E-Newsletter.


  1. Parks Committee - Diane Kaese
    1. A long list of items needs to be completed prior to construction. Ann processed paperwork establishing “Washington Square Park” as a New Jersey non profit with an EIN number.
    2. Andy explained the new Special Improvement District includes in its mission the renovation of Peninsula Park.
  1. Technology Committee: Sharad Hegde
    1. A new software program has been purchased and all of HPHA’s web-based work will be integrated in this new setup.


  1. Presentation: Jersey City Medical Center, Phillip Borker:


-History of the hospital, starting in 1882 was summarized

-Susan Lanning presented the Concierge program, that assists patients generally and helps patients expedite care

-Rob Lucas explained the EMS program, a large, and highly successful component of the Medical Center, with quick response times

-The Foundation, the fundraising arm of the non-profit hospital, was presented.  They are currently fundraising for a maternity wing.

-The community based programs and facilities outside the main hospital, including the Grove Street Women’s Health Center and the Liberty Surgical Center, were discussed


  1. Presentation: Jersey City Office of Cultural Affairs, Special Events Coordinator, Anne McTernan:

-The Department assists organizers set up and get permissions for their events

-They also organize City sponsored events like fireworks in Liberty State Park and the Artists’ StudioTour

-There is now an on-line process for obtaining permits for events

-There is a Cultural Affairs Calendar and a Cultural Asset Map on the JC website

-An oral history project is underway

-Ethnic and religious events can be posted


  1. Other:

-Phil announced sign up for the CSA  from June to November (24 weeks) for this year; to join use the link on the website

-Diane mentioned a second program called Downtown Harvest and the Saturday farmers market at the end of Washington Street

-Mayor’s State of the City Address/Ward E &F will be held in Council Chambers March 7

-Sustainable JC is offering a gardening course

-HPHA is looking for history postings for August 2017 which is the month of the celebration of the Battle of Paulus Hook. Our annual parade will be held then with new fife and drum crew.

-Speaker in August will discuss the Black Tom Explosion of 1916.


Meeting was adjourned around 9:00 pm.

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