The Name Paulus Hook

Where Did The Name Paulus Hook?

Paulus Hook was originally called Arisheck Island.  Though the origins of the name is unknown, it may come from the word Kaniskeck. Kaniskeck means a long, grassy marsh or meadow.  You may be surprised to learn  Paulus Hook was originally an island surrounded by marsh land. Through landfilling efforts it became a part of the mainland.

The land was originally settled by the Dutch West India Company from 1621 to 1624.  The land was purchased by Michael Pauw,  an Amsterdam Burgomaster and Lord of Achttienhoven in 1630 as part of A Pavonia settlement.  The first settlement in Paulus Hook was in 1633.

In 1638, the land was granted by Micheal Pauw  To  Micheal Paulez, an agent OF the Pavonia settlement.  Paulez traded with the Lenape Native American population that inhabited the NorthEast and occasionally ran a ferry servICe to the area. His Name was anglicized to Paulus, and he became one half of the area's namesake.  the Hook comes from Hoeck, the Dutch word for hook or point. In this way, “Paulus Hook’ got it's name.

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